Curriculum Overview

Highfields believes in creating positive educational experiences for our young people. Our mission is to re-engage young people with a meaningful education and prepare them for their next steps, be this back in mainstream school, special provision or post-16. Our ‘CREATE’ mission statement is lived out through the curriculum as follows:

Our curriculum plan as a whole can be viewed here:

Curriculum Model and Accreditation Pathways 21 – 22

For specific curriculum information, please click on the following links:

More detailed summaries of schemes of work can be accessed here: Subject Summaries.

PM Groups and Outreach are part of our ‘all students receiving a regular education‘ strategy, working to prevent extended periods of non-attendance for the most vulnerable students.

With regards to the wider personal development needs of our students, all curriculum subjects include aspects of the Character 120 within their planning and teaching. Information on this central part of our curriculum can be viewed here:

Highfields operates a Supportive Social Time approach for morning break and lunch time, based on research from the Nuffield Trust, which proactively seeks to encourage and role-model social interaction and pastimes at these points of the day. Highfields also has SMSC Themes of the Week 21 – 22, which we promote through our weekly assemblies.

In addition, Highfields has a bank of therapeutic interventions designed to address specific Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs: Highfields Therapeutic Interventions Bank