Handbook, Timetable & SDP

The following resources are accessible from home by all staff:


Whole School Timetable 2019 – 2020 teachers v5 (with TAs)

Highfields Staff Handbook 19-20 *New Handbook will be published Sept 2020*

Ongoing Curriculum Development – Launch Pack

Highfields Departmental 360

Highfields Ongoing Leadership Development – web

Contingency Planning – Leadership – 20 – 21

Safeguarding Policy Addition COVID-19 – March 2020

The first batch of documents are currently password protected. Please speak to the Headteacher for an access password.

Highfields Quality of Teaching and Learning Tool (Amended)

Highfields Leadership Responsibilities – 20 – 21

Highfields PRU School Development Plan 19-20 Web Version *New SDP will be published Sept 2020*

Workplace Well-Being and Relationships Charter

A page of useful websites can be accessed here: Staff Bookmarks Page