Highfields PM Groups

The Highfields site is split into two separate areas – the Main Building and the Extension Building.
The Extension Building operates three small teaching groups for Key Stage 4 students in the afternoons.  These groups are designed specifically for students who are struggling to access and engage with the environment, personalities / relationships and curriculum of the main building. The placing of students in PM Groups is only made where there is substantial evidence the student will not be able to engage regularly in education within the main building – the placement is only made with agreement of parent/carer.
The main contact for this area is:
  • Miss A. Sargent – Teacher – 0161 406 7922 / aimee.sargent@hip.stockport.sch.uk 
The PM Groups attend the Extension Building as follows:
  • Start: 1.00pm
  • Finish: 3:15pm (3:00 for those students with ‘Earnback’ time)
Students who don’t receive our ‘Orange Card’ or ‘Red Card’ sanction, can ‘earn back’ up to 15 minutes at the end of the school day. This means they can leave up to 15 minutes earlier, as shown in the bracketed times. Parents/carers can ‘opt out’ of this scheme at admissions meetings or by contacting Highfields – instead we will organise an ‘in-house reward’.
Students on this limited timetable do so for up to 6 weeks and on the proviso, in communication with parents/carers and any other responsible party, that they are safe and positively occupied in the mornings. The Centre can provide home study packs to facilitate this.
The aims of area are as follows:
  • Provide a low-stimuli, nurturing environment for students who have persistent non-attendance and/or repeated episodes of high-agitation and conflict within the main building.
  • Provide a time-limited intervention of ‘focused respite’ in terms of breaking cycles of conflict, often rooted in high-anxiety and fight responses – particularly where there has been a relatively sudden escalation and short history of behaviour concerns.
  • Formulate a programme of mentoring that will make inroads into a young person’s perspective of themselves, others and the value of learning.
  • Provide time for the referral on to other agencies, with a view to addressing the fundamental causes of non-attendance and/or high-agitation.
  • Establish / re-establish working relationships between staff at Highfields and the young person.
  • Establish / re-establish working relationships between school professionals, family and any outside agencies.
  • Provide an alternative educational environment that will likely lead to more successful outcomes in terms of achievement of GCSEs / qualifications.
The cohort is split into 3 classes of 6 students (i.e. 18 student places in total), with each fully equipped class having a dedicated teacher and teaching assistant. The centre also has its own ICT room and activity/lunch area, with lunch being provided for all students.
The students follow a specific curriculum which is outlined here: Curriculum Overview 21 – 22 – KS4 Main
More detailed summaries of schemes of work for KS4 can be accessed here: Subject Summaries. Whilst working towards academic goals (i.e. GCSE grades, Functional Skills qualifications), our curriculum also seeks to develop the whole person through the ‘Character 120’ approach which sees every lesson carry a personal development goal alongside subject goals.

In terms of qualifications available, students within PM Groups work primarily towards Functional Skills qualifications in Maths, English and Science. However, their is scope for personalisation.

The PM Groups timetable includes a regular careers input which is outlined here: Careers at Highfields.