What do we offer in terms of GCSE and other accreditation?

Highfields typically offers short term placements to students. The focus of our work, in short, is to assess the needs of referred students, improve their engagement with education and move them forward with their emotional and social skills. This then provides a platform for increased progress in their learning and a bridge to a longer-term provision.

For KS4 students referred in to Highfields and completing their secondary education here, they will each typically complete a number of Core GCSEs (Maths, English and Science) and alternative qualifications & accreditations.

By alternative qualifications & accreditations we mean:

Core Alternative Qualifications – We offer Entry Level and Functional Skills in Maths, English and Science. We work with our college partners to ensure that these qualifications are recognised, enabling KS4 leavers to then access post-16 courses that reflect their ability and prior achievement.

Enrichment Qualifications & Accreditations – We offer a range of alternative qualifications and accreditations for our Enrichment subjects which over the past two years have been PE, Art, Design Tech, Cooking & Nutrition. At the start of September 2019 we also offer Performing Arts / Drama.

What do our results look like?

The completion of qualifications is typically within a much shorter timeframe than their peers in mainstream schools, with the majority of our students having a disrupted KS4 education prior to referral. However, our basic aim (as of Sept 2018 onwards) is to ensure all students leave with a college-recognised Maths and English qualification – the stats to date are follows:

In terms of GCSE Maths, GCSE English and GCSE Science, our results over the past two years can be accessed here:

Results – GCSEs

In terms of Core Alternative Qualifications, our results over the past two years can be accessed here:

Results – Alternative Qualifications Core

In terms of Enrichment Alternative Qualifications & Accreditations, our results over the past two years can be accessed here:

Results – Enrichment – Alt Quals and Accreditations